Most companies would like to be more customer aligned. Happier customers not only tend to consume more and more frequently but to also share positive word of mouth with their peers and colleagues.

Companies are looking for ways to achieve a better relation with their prospects. Customers softwares and leaders understand that improving the customer experience is a transformation that touches every corner and employee of the company.

Determine what approach is right for your business based on what customers said they want to experience. Lots of customer experience approaches quickly become complicated and confusing with steps that are not necessary. Always ask your customers first, then proceed.

The root causes of customer dissatisfaction are usually internal policies and procedures designed to support hierarchical structures. Look at the correlation between policies, procedures, and customer feedback.Remember to first start small. As the company builds its understanding of customers and how they define experience, values, and engagement, then expand.

The best measure of success is customer satisfaction. Focus in sharing the progress with all the employees. It will motivate them to acquire and conserve new behaviors.As employees see the results and are rewarded, it will motivate them to be more flexible about change. Now, they will be willing to tackle more complex customer experience use cases. Employees are crucial to elevating the customer experience.