Nowadays, strong crisis communication across online platforms and social media marketing is essential.

Businesses are being forced to adapt lightning-fast to a new normal with the COVID-19 virus proving deadly and easily transmissible. During this unprecedented time, companies goals should not be to promote their businesses but to offer leadership and support. Therefore, for a responsible and smart marketing during COVID-19, we encourage business owners to ask themselves the following question, “How can I use social platforms and my online presence to support my community?”

With that in mind, content should be focused in education, empowerment and community support. Can you help them learn about resources in your niche that will help them in this difficult time? What can you offer for free that will provide educational value to your community? Moving from commercial messages to messages of inspiration and hope is an excellent move. Motivational quotes, inspirational stories, and practical tools are all examples of how we can empower our community.

Brick-and-mortar business owners can support their community during this time with products or services that they might have access to helping their loyal clientele.

Transitioning to virtual events for those who usually host in-person events for their audience is key. Popular tools are Zoom or BlueJeans. Another great choice is HeySummit for multi-session events. And, always remember to use your social media to boost these online meetings.

LinkedIn is incredibly effective nowadays, as it is one of the only channels where organic sharing brings big exposure.

Product-based and brick-and-mortar business which were no prepared, transitioning to selling online can take some time. We recommend these types of businesses to strive to build up using all the marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and the new Facebook store.

The goal is to add more individual, customized value versus what someone could find online themselves.