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Search Engine Optimization 

 As a Hispanic Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, DBE approved business, Exito Group LLC established in 2013, the word éxito has its etymological origin in Latin [exĭtus] which means a favorable result in a business dealing and performance.
We have developed SUCCESS IN 360°, a total solution marketing consulting services approach that delivers both universal insights and personalization at scale; ensuring maximum relevance across multiple cultures, languages, and markets.


Why Search Engine Optimization Is Vital for Your Physical Or Online Business

Is fundamental for your website to be SEO-centered, the more attention it gets from Google, the higher it appears in the search engine optimization. By understanding your business and your website’s SEO issues we develop a special SEO plan to help your brand increase website traffic and ranking. It’s an every day job and we have the right team to help your company increase their visibility, image and overall conversions. 



Today we have the opportunity of the century for our businesses and companies to lead their market segments without limit. And this is thanks to the multiple tools that we can use in favor of each of our ventures, regardless of whether they are small, medium or large companies.

This can be given after you respond positively to these 3 requirements:

◘ Have an excellent service or product. 

◘ Follow up on a responsible and innovative client. 

◘ Provide a real solution that generates a trustworthy recommendation (value that has been lost in these times). 

As we always say in our courses and consultancies “your business cannot grow if you don’t do it first with responsibility and expertise.” And so, with these 3 requirements satisfied, we tell you that “Your Marketing” will work in your favor generating economic prosperity and an extraordinary benefit such as the “free time” that you will get to enjoy your family, your hobbies, your partner and so many things that you have postponed through the years of struggle in which you have not been able to leverage the technology that Google and social networks now offer you that you now have at your disposal.

With very little investment (let’s take into account the fortune that is paid today in massive television costs) you can aspire to be “a star” and get more clients and more confidence for your ventures. How can it be achieved? We dare to show you, because we work hard on the issue that leveraging you and raising you to the Top on Google is the way to achieve greater visibility for your company resulting in maximum benefits. There are many ways to accomplish it and that, for logical reasons of space and technical complexity, we cannot develop here. However, we remain at your disposal and if you want to quickly make your business known, to have more clients and more income, you can call us at 305-842-6632 where in addition to informing you, we will show you a Complimentary SEO Technical Report where you will be able to see the shortcomings that your site has right now that do not allow it to be shown in the first position of Google and see how thousands of customers can visualize your proposal, benefit and make their favorable decision for you and your company. This is the time to take your business to a new level!

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Rank Your Business High On Google With Our SEO Strategies

Marketing Consulting Services

SUCCESS IN 360°is our total solution marketing consulting services approach committed to accelerating companies seeking a full, integrated, end-to-end marketing strategy implementation in every degree. Impactful campaigns that celebrate diversity, respect individuality, and reach across more diverse audiences.


  • Marketing Planning And Strategy
  • Develop Marketing Objectives And Policies
  • Sales Forecasting And Management Consulting Services
  • Launch New Product Developing And Pricing

Graphic Design

To ensure the highest level of design, at Exito Group LLC, every project is met with the creative vision and strategic thinking of all the firm’s principals.

Our work encompasses planning, designing, and managing the production of visual communication. We design corporate logos, graphics and identity, flyers, brochures and business cards, signage systems, products and packaging, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications. We specialize in every door direct mail and its local distribution for companies to achieve the best results through creative and effective designs.

Exito Group LLC is known for a collaborative, problem-solving approach to design, personal involvement by all principals in every project that spark desire and create utility, driving extraordinary results.


Magazine Publishers

Exito Group’s executive directors highly influential, best-selling book authors and magazine publishers, Claudia and Alejandro Tugender, have been publishing printed publications since 2013. Mandale Magazine is an award-winning bilingual South Florida lifestyle magazine published by Exito Group every season in Miami, Florida. Our print version is a glossy magazine and targets the sophisticated American Hispanic market. We carry out all the operations necessary for producing and distributing the magazine, including gathering news; writing news columns, feature stories, and editorials; and selling and preparing advertisements.

Celebrate the extraordinary. Innovation and creativity are the lifeblood of all that we do. 

Public Relations Agency

We connect with consumers on their terms and that begins with industry-leading listening resources and analysis, identifying precisely where and how a brand can play in meaningful ways. Along with our SUCCESS IN 360°, total solution marketing consulting services approach, we translate consumer insights to a visual storytelling and sustained engagement strategy that we tailor based on the audience and platform, maximizing reach, engagement and ROI. Our company, Exito Group LLC as a public relations agency provides lobbying, designs and implements a public or political consulting campaign in order to promote their interests and image in the community.

Media Representatives

Exito Group LLC is engaged in selling media time and space in print and online advertisements for media owners. As independent representatives, we connect and add for your company the best channels of communication according to the industry and needs.

We sell media advertisements directly to the organizations through magazine advertisements, articles, interviews, catalogs, telemarketing, mailed brochures and promotional materials. We also empower our online sells with digital marketing tools and techniques using email and mobile marketing. We use innovative, and usually low-cost marketing tactics, our team creates a novel situation or memorable experience for the brand.

Independent Speakers And Technical Writers

Independent Business Speakers and Best-Selling Book Authors

 Claudia And Alejandro Tugender, MGRs of Exito Group LLC are internationally renowned independent speakers on marketing consulting services, business, sales, leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media and finance. Both of them are independent technical writers and Best-selling authors of two sales and business books, “El Libro De Oro De Los Maestros de Internet” (2014) and “” (2017). Experts at producing content that breaks through the social feed, engaging and activating today’s screen-scrolling consumers across a myriad of platforms. Their straight-shooting viewpoints have made them a valuable media sales representatives trainers, and marketing services consultants to companies around the world.


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“Exito Group LLC team is one of the best I know of in their marketing consulting services. Your life will change, your finances will improve. Give yourself that opportunity to work with them and you will see how your life will prosper”

Roberto Perez  – Co-Founder of the Association of Motivational Speakers of Puerto Rico


“The seminar was spectacular and I recommend Exito Group LLC for your next business events”

Ariela Diaz  – Peruvian Chamber Of Commerce Representative


“I recommend them, Claudia and Alejandro Tugender are a great team that will help you achieve your goals and objectives”

Francisco Yañez  – President of the Association of Hispanic Speakers.